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Attributes & Skills

Consultant Attributes

Reliable, trustworthy, discreet & reponsive with the ability to meet tight deadlines.

Rubber Technology

30+ years of rubber industry experience including tires, rubber goods and a wide range of rubber chemicals. Expertise covers quality assurance, product development, product approvals and research projects.

Rubber Chemical Market

Extensive interaction with a wide range of end users and producers with up to date knowledge on key market drivers and trends. Regularly presents rubber chemical market data to management within global corporations.

Database & Programming

Database & programming development experience extending back to 1999. Market & product development tools developed and still in use by major chemical corporations. From early 2009 these skills have been focused on developing state of the art rubber chemical market analysis in the form of the Global Tire & Rubber Chemical Database.

Recent Projects

Rubber Goods (MRG) Segment Analysis for Carbon Black

Continuing detailed market analysis for top 3 carbon black manufacturer.

TDAE Process Oil Market Development Modelling

Modelling of TDAE market for major chemical corporation.

Global Tire Resin Market & Trends

Detailed tire resin market analysis for global chemical corporate.

Carbon Black Approvals Program Support

Continuing support for a major global tire manufacturer in all approval aspects.

Tire Silane Product & Market Development

Detailed study for sustainable rubber chemical manufacturer.

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Mike Rowlinson (Primary Consultant) Experience:

  • Rubber Chemical Consultants Ltd (formerly Mike Rowlinson Technology Ltd): Apr 2009 - Present
    • Director: Apr 2009 - Present
      • Director of carbon black and rubber chemical consultancy service providing clients with technical, market and quality related services tailored to the requirements of the carbon black and rubber manufacturing industries.
  • Columbian Chemicals Company: Nov 1995 - March 2009 (13 years 5 months)
    • Director Technology Europe: August 2006 — March 2009 (2 years 9 months)
      • A highly focused innovative Technical Director with a proven track record in establishing strategic direction, major business initiatives, and setting industry standards. 14 years leadership experience, built on a sound operational basis has developed high level & broadbased skills, which combine with a tactical, realistic professional approach to ensure decisive delivery.
    • Manager Rubber Applications: August 2004 — August 2006 (2 years 1 month)
      • Transition of high value product from North America. Designed, developed and implemented sample tracking and development tool software. Implemented new testing machinery for specialized testing. Provided technical support and training to Asia and South America via seminars, customer meetings and conferences.
    • Chemist III: August 2001 — August 2004 (3 years 1 months)
      • New product approvals globally. Supported development for key tyre customers on a global basis (South Korea, Brazil, USA, Europe). Implemented Food Contact database system. Implemented new processing equipment to support new product initiatives.
    • Rubber Applications Specialist: August 1997 — August 2001 (4 years 1 month)
      • Commercialisation of products for the truck and HP tyre sector. Implemented research programmes. Published and presented papers on crack growth in rubbers. Played key technical role in 4 major customer seminars in Italy, Czechia, Finland and UK.
    • Chemist II: November 1995 — August 1997 (1 year 10 months)
      • UKAS accreditation for Rubber Laboratory. Provided technical and new product support to UK and European rubber customers. Led technical training for sales people. Upgraded capabilities of rubber laboratory to become company lead for rubber technology.
  • Avon Tyres: September 1993 — November 1995 (2 years 3 months)
    • Chemist:
      • Chemist responsible for material development (car, motorcycle, truck, solid tyres) and all material matters between departments. Led development intiatives for winter tread (silica versions), first implementation of low rolling resistance treads and improved performance truck skim coat compound.
  • Dunlop Aircraft Tyres: September 1988 — August 1993 (4 years 11 months)
    • Materials Technologist: August 1989 - August 1993 (4 years)
      • Responsible for all incoming raw materials and supplier interfaces for compound, rubberised fabric, steel bead wire. Incorportated the laboratory into BS5750 standard.
    • Factory Technical Department: September 1988 - August 1989 (11 months)
      • Solved production problems and material handling issues within the factory environment.
  • Cray Valley Products: September 1985 - August 1987 (2 years)
    • Chemist
      • Responsible for development of UV curable resin systems and reactive diluent systems.

Education & Training

  • Microsoft.Net Developer
    • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for Microsoft.Net, 2003
  • Global Management Training
    • Global Management Training Thunderbird Management School, Pheonix USA, 2000
  • Supervisor Training
    • Supervisor training course, Pheonix USA, 1999
  • Carbon Black Production Training
    • Control & production theory, Trecate Italy, 1996
  • Institute of Quality Assurance
    • A3 - Quality Assurance Management, Credit, 1993
    • B2 - Statistical Analysis for the Control of Quality, Distinction, 1993
  • Dynamic Properties of Elastomers
    • Training course MERL, UK, 1991
  • Quality System Auditing
    • Training for Auditors, UK, 1990
  • Fatigue & Fracture
    • Training course MRPRA, UK, 1989
  • Cranfield Institute of Technology: MSc, Polymer Engineering, 1987 — 1988
    • Thesis on rubber toughened nylon - toughening mechanisms.
    • Management of technology course via school of management.
  • The University of Birmingham: BSc, Chemistry, 1982 — 1985
    • Additional courses in mathematics and computing

Project Portfolio and Technical Credits

  • 2012
    • Tire Technology Expo 2012 - Presentation on behalf of PYReco (tire derived carbon black).
  • 2010
    • Filler Article: Tire Technology International - December Edition
  • 2009
    • Presentation: Institute of Materials - Midlands, UK: Carbon black and beyond.
  • 2008
    • Presentation: Technology Expo – Cologne, Germany: A Holistic approach to tyre design using new technology carbon blacks
    • Presentation: Midlands Polymer Group, Walsall, UK: Carbon black designed for use in plastic pipe applications.
    • Project: Racing grade development - optimised performance based on key material parameters.
    • Project: Growth of high margin grade for specialist application.
    • Project: Low rolling resistance technologies.
    • Project: Carbon black suitable for new plastics food contact legislation.
    • Project: Design, development & implementation of Food Contact data management system (PAH + country specific requirements).
  • 2007
    • Presentation: Tyre Technology Expo, Stuttgart, Germany: Carbon black dispersion measurements using IFM technology.
    • Paper: A Holistic Approach to Tyre Design Using New Technology Carbon Blacks - Carbon Conference Korea.
    • Project: Continuous Mixing technology - project in conjunction with mixing equipment supplier (Italy).
    • Project: Long term truck tyre wear testing project to support new product initiatives.
  • 2006
    • Paper: Carbon Blacks for High Performance Tread Compounds - IRC conference proceedings, Kochi, India.
    • Project: Racing Grade Transfer - Transfer of high margin product to region of highest usage.
    • Project: Winter tread development - development in conjunction with tyre company to improve performance.
    • Project: Design, development & implementation of customer sample management & tracking software - rolled out globally.
  • 2005
    • Project: Truck tread application with improved wear and heat build up developed with South American company.
    • Presentation: Dynamic and tear properties of rubbers for Brazilian polymer group.
  • 2004
    • Presentation: Customer Seminar - Czechia: Carbon black technology and applications.
    • Project: Software to support compound design, product development and cost optimisation.
  • 2003
    • Paper: Carbon Black With Balanced Tread Wear and Heat Build Up - Tire Tech proceedings.
    • Project: Carbon black with improved thermal conductivity.
  • 2002
    • Presentation: Customer Seminar - Finland: Carbon black technology and applications.
    • Presentation: Tyre Technology Expo – Hamburg, Germany: Carbon black phase distribution in polymer blends.
    • Project: Carbon black with improved processability - developed for the high end automotive profile sector.
    • Project: Carbon black with improved cleanliness - developed for the plastics and automotive profile sector.
  • 2001
    • Project: Easy dispersing carbon black optimised in conjunction with chemical supplier and Asian region customer.
    • Presentation: Materials group Manchester - Tread grade developments.
  • 2000
    • Paper: The influence of carbon black morphological parameters on tearing properties of rubber, pt II - conference proceedings.
    • Presentations: IRC Conference – Helsinki, Finland: Carbon black effects on fatigue crack growth in rubbers.
  • 1999
    • Presentation: Technical Rubber Goods Seminar – Birmingham, UK: Carbon black technology.
    • Presentation: DKG Conference – Hannover, Germany: Carbon black effects on crack propagation in rubbers.
    • Presentation: IRC Conference – Florida, USA: Carbon black affects on fatigue crack growth in rubbers.
    • Project: Implementation of UKAS accreditation for R&D Rubber Laboratory.
  • 1998
    • Paper: The influence of carbon black morphological parameters on tearing properties of rubber – DKG Journal.
    • Presentation: Midlands Plastics & Rubber Institute – Birmingham, UK: Tearing properties of filled rubber.
    • Presentation: Technical Rubber Goods Seminar – Milan, Italy: Carbon black technology and applications.
    • Project: Test equipment development for cleanliness test to support manufacturing for high margin products.
  • 1997
    • Presentation: Plastics & Rubber Institute – Manchester, UK:Carbon black design for tread applications.
    • Project: Grade consolidation project with tyre customer for balanced cost / properties / performance.
  • 1995
    • Project: New silica based winter tread compound development.
    • Project: High performance motorcycle rear tread compound development.
    • Project: Development of low rolling resistance HP tyre tread compounds.
  • 1994
    • Project: Improved durability skim coat compound for truck tires.
    • Project: Bladder compound development for improved life.
  • 1993
    • Project: Mixing efficiency and odour reduction program.
    • Project: Cross functional team to decrease liner defects.
  • 1992
    • Project: Improved heat build up performance Aero tread compound.
  • 1991
    • Project: Assessment and approvals for alternative materials sources.
    • Project: Supplier and QA system development to reduce tire component variability.
  • 1990
    • Project:Improved wear performance Aero tread compound.
  • 1989
    • Project: Implementation of BS5750 quality standard for Aircraft Tyres incoming material QA laboratory.
  • 1986
    • Project: Development of reactive diluents for UV curable resin systems.

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