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Rubber Chemical Consultants Ltd
Rubber Chemical Markets

Rubber Chemical Consultants Consulting Activities

Focus: Carbon Black, Precipitated Silica, Fillers, Silanes, Resins, Antidegradants, Process Oils, Process Aids.

Clients: Leading tire, rubber goods & rubber chemical manufacturers, investment institutions & rubber industry suppliers.

Tire & Rubber Chemical Market Analysis

  • Industry leading market analysis for the tire and rubber goods segments.
  • Bespoke market data supplied to leading tire and rubber chemical manufacturers.
  • Range of standard off-the-shelf rubber chemical market reports.
  • Continuously updated market intelligence systems for rapid and consistent analysis.
  • Granular market analysis providing deep insights and practical conclusions.
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Tire & Rubber Chemical Market Modelling

  • Rapid market modelling via RCCL's proprietary systems.
  • Development of client specific market models for tire and rubber goods segments.
  • Benchmarking of RCCL's market estimates versus client based estimates.
  • Corporate quality reporting at competitive development costs.
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Carbon Black Product Approvals & Approval Processes

  • Step wise approval process for carbon black managed to minimise cost and time.
  • Extensive carbon black industry knowlegde from production through to end use.
  • Experience includes global approvals program for top 3 tire manufacturer.
  • Unique skills from managing approvals for carbon black manufacturers and end users.
  • Rubber and specialist applications knowledge.
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Carbon Black Manufacturer Benchmarking & Capability Assessment

  • Expert view for individual manufacturer's and manufacturing plant capabilities.
  • Benchmarking reports for segment specific markets through to complete competitive analysis.
  • Capability assessment for targetted product development (approvals).
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Carbon Black Plant & Process Audits

  • Auditing of carbon black manufacturing plants and processes.
  • Over 20 carbon black plants audited.
  • Audits have covered manufacturers in China, Russia, Europe and Asia.
  • Auditing extends manufacturer benchmarking & capability assessment.
  • Due diligence also undertaken.
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Rubber Chemical Quality & Product Support

  • Rubber chemical plant audits and pre-audit preparation.
  • Product and service quality improvements.
  • Technical service and customer complaint resolution.
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Tire Pyrolysis Product, Process and Market Development

  • PLEASE NOTE: RCCL has no affiliation with any tire pyrolysis companies.
  • Impartial view on pyrolysis processes, products and market capabilities.
  • Extensive process and product development experience.
  • Experience covers pyrolysis and other novel tire material recovery systems.
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Questions Related To Rubber Chemical Consultants Ltd (RCCL) Consulting Activities

Why use RCCL consultantcy services for rubber chemical market analysis?

RCCL has been providing rubber chemical market analysis since 2009 and has developed a wide range of prorietary tools to offer a fast, efficient, accurate and precise market analysis for a wide range of rubber chemicals. Market analysis in both the tire and rubber goods segments can draw on a wide range of complimentary studies and processes (including many confidential primary sources) in order to provide insight which is not available from other providers.

Why use RCCL consultancy services for rubber chemicals?

RCCL offers a responsive, efficient and confidential service covering market and technical related issues from opportunity analysis through to product approvals, development and quality improvements. RCCL is able to provide the flexibility and fast response often required by larger organisations requiring immediate action. Flexibility can be provided by short notice travel, focused working hours and weekend working as well as client specific requirements for market research and reporting.

Does RCCL have the necessary rubber chemical industry experience to cover my requirements?

RCCL has extensive rubber industry knowledge gained from 30 years within the rubber industry including positions with tire and carbon black companies. Consulting since 2009 has extended this experience to a wide range of rubber industry clients working on projects ranging from quality issues and product development to market analysis.

Is RCCL up to date with current rubber chemical industry technology, trends and processes?

RCCL constantly reviews the rubber chemical market through specific research as well as participating in relevant conferences. RCCL maintains contacts within many of the key manufacturers and chemical suppliers to the rubber industry.

Will RCCL carbon black consultancy meet my requirements?

RCCL is actively providing rubber chemical consultancy to a number of global corporations and has met all expectations for this service.

Why use RCCL for Carbon Black Approvals?

RCCL has many years of experience with carbon black approvals and development covering a range of global manufacturers and consumers. This experience encompasses the full range of issues typically associated with approvals programs (flow, dispersion, cure and reinforcement). RCCL can evaluate an approval process and help to maximise success in the shortest possible time through recommendation and management of the most appropriate process.

What experience does RCCL have for Rubber Chemical quality complaint resolution?

RCCL is experienced with all aspects of complaint resolution: from initial investigation through to customer presentations and corrective action implementation. RCCL has investigated and implemented corrective actions and has played a key role in process improvement. RCCL strives to ensure that a robust process is developed to eliminate quality issues and is experienced in dealing with customers and clients in a diplomatic and efficient manner.

Why use RCCL consultancy services for Tire Derived (Pyrolysis) Carbon Black Development?

Most pyrolysis companies underestimate the technical and market requirements for carbon black products. RCCL provides a structured approach to tire derived carbon black development which will improved the quality, value and market acceptance of your material.

What experience does RCCL have in the Tire Derived (Pyrolysis) Carbon Black Sector?

RCCL has been working in the pyrolysis carbon black sector since 2009 and has extensive knowledge of the carbon black industry (13 years) which is further complimented by experience in the polymer industry (9 years) which utilises the carbon black products. RCCL has worked with many pyrolysis and green carbon technologies and clients and has a good understanding of the pitfalls and issues related to development in this sector.

Does RCCL evaluate samples of Tire Derived (Pyrolysis) Carbon Black?

RCCL works closely with a number of laboratories and can provide an evaluation service based on client requirements. Note: RCCL provides the critical knowledge necessary to determine the appropriate test protocols and also enables a review of what the results actually mean.

Why involve RCCL in an internal Rubber Chemical quality complaint issue?

RCCL provides an independent view point and can focus on the key issues without any pre-conceived ideas or company bias - RCCL will deal with the issue in an efficient and diplomatic manner.

Will using RCCL consulting compromise our confidentiality?

RCCL provides a discreet and confidential consultancy service, and is happy to sign NDA agreements. RCCL believes that client confidentiality is essential and will never discuss client information with third parties.

Can RCCL travel to our location?

RCCL can provide consultancy services tailored to client requirements. Clients can be supported via UK office based activities as well as travel on a global basis. RCCL participates in regular client conference calls covering project scope discussions, project updates, progress reports and final project sign offs . RCCL has regularly supported clients via travel to third parties, typically either client customers or client suppliers.

How can you guarantee the quality of your rubber chemical consulting service?

Consulting is provided by the primary consultant (Mike Rowlinson) a rubber industry expert with extensive knowledge and contacts within the rubber industry. Being a small company ensures a responsive and flexible service. Clients typically form long term business relationships with RCCL, this has proven to be the most effective business relationship for long term benefit to both parties. Please review the testimonial and case study pages for more details - note that many RCCL clients wish to remain confidential. RCCL treats client confidentiality extremely seriously and will not discuss client related activities.

How much does RCCL consulting cost?

RCCL consulting charges are typically based on a standard daily rate with associated standard terms and conditions. RCCL can provide flexible charging schemes to suit individual client requirements, this ranges from a fixed price work package for clients that have fixed budgets to a minimum monthly retainer contract which provides the most flexibility and is typically more suitable for larger organisations.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions about any RCCL services please contact us using the contact page.

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