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Tire Rubber Chemicals Market 2018: Past-Present-Future

Key Features:

Comprehensive Executive Summary with Practical Findings and Key Takeaways

Global & Regional Analysis Covering the Years 2011 to 2030

Covering Tire Rubber Chemicals by Chemical Group & Chemical Subgroup

Key Manufacturers & Recent Changes

Industry Market Drivers and Trends

2017 Average Regional Weighted Market Pricing by Chemical Group & Subgroup

Market Volume Demand 2011 to 2030 by Region, Chemical Group & Type

Market Values by Region for 2017 projected to 2023 and 2029

Extensive Supporting Data in an Excel Workbook

Expert Client Support if Purchased Direclty from RCCL


List Price: £5000
Published: November 2018
Edition: 1st Edition
170 Pages, 159 Tables, 72 Figures

Target Audience:

This report is targeted at tire rubber chemical manufacturers including process oil, resin, antidegradant, curative, process aid, coupling agent and bonding agent manufacturers. The report is also suitable for tire manufacturers and manufacturers of specialist tire materials. The content is suitable for marketing strategies, market research and market insight. Other parties which will find this report valuable include: equipment suppliers, raw material producers, rubber chemical traders and industry consultants.

Exclusive Content:

Detailed analysis of market drivers for tire rubber chemicals.

2017 average weighted regional prices by rubber chemical group and subgroup.

Industry leading market volume modelling benchmarked versus actual usage data.

Detailed analysis of ‘hot topics’ and industry trends.

Expert client support if purchased directly from RCCL.

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Detailed Description

Tire rubber chemical market analysis covering the period 2011 to 2030. Covering key rubber chemical manufacturers by chemical group and subgroup and detailing tire market drivers, prices, volumes and values.

Key manufacturers are discussed by chemical group and subgroup. Chemical groups include: plasticisers, antidegradants, curatives, process aids, coupling agents, bonding agents and reinforcing resins. Subgroup includes chemicals relevant to the main group (e.g. for antidegradants this includes antioxidants, antiozonants and waxes).

Tire rubber chemical market drivers include those common to all chemical types such as global megatrends and tire industry growth. Market drivers relevant to individual chemical groups and subgroups are also analysed in detail covering items such as regional developments, legislation and environmental concerns. Market volumes are then provided in detail by rubber chemical group, subgroup and region for 2011 to 2030. This is followed by regional market values based on average weighted pricing for 2017 projected to 2023 and 2029.

Forward market volumes and values are derived by combining all the necessary market drivers, including but not limited to: organic growth, regional drivers and technology drivers. RCCL’s comprehensive analysis system is outlined in the report. Market volumes have been validated against real life usage patterns from a number of different confidential sources.

Additional Content Information

This market report has the following scope:

Tire Rubber Chemicals: The following rubber chemical groups are analysed: Plasticisers, antidegradants, curatives, process aids, coupling agents, bonding agents and reinforcing resins used in tire rubber compound preparation. Each rubber chemical group is segmented into appropriate subgroups.

Excluded: Elastomers, fillers and specialist additives.

Markets: The tire market for rubber compounds including main tire types and subtypes.

Geographies: Global coverage split by RCCL defined regions: Africa, China, CIS, Europe, India, Middle East, North America, North Asia, South America and South Asia.

Time Frame: Years 2011 to 2030.

Market Volumes: Volumes for 2011 to 2017 are modelled and adjusted to an average value from a range of industry sources, volumes for 2018 to 2030 are projected using stated modelling techniques.

Market Pricing: Average weighted 2017 regional market prices are provided for each rubber chemical group and subgroup. Average weighted pricing is provided for APAC, EMEA, NAFTA and S. America.

Market Values: Market values for 2017 are estimated from weighted average pricing by rubber chemical subgroup. Market values for 2023 and 2029 are estimated using 2017 prices projected by yearly volume.

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