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Global Tire & Rubber Chemicals Database

global database

A custom database with a range of proprietary tire and rubber chemical market analysis tools built using RCCL’s extensive industry experience covering technical and commercial aspects of rubber chemical production and markets. The system, first implemented in 2010, has been validated and developed to meet the sophisticated requirements of client marketing departments within major global corporations.

Information is constantly monitored and updated based on latest industry information gathered from a range of public and proprietary sources.

Bespoke reports are a speciality with information tailored to client requirements. Typical clients include tire companies, rubber goods companies, carbon black manufacturers, precipitated silica manufacturers, rubber chemical manufacturers and various investment institutions.

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The RCCL Tire & Rubber Chemicals Database - 5 Minute Video

Tire & Rubber Industry Database Facts

All major rubber chemical & filler manufacturers.

All tire manufacturers and capacities.

All significant rubber good manufacturers and capacities.

Geographical analysis by region & country.

Segment analysis by product type.

Analysis of over 3000 corporations consuming rubber chemicals.

Analysis of over 8000 individual corporate consumer locations.

Advanced Analysis

Centralised proprietary material database system.

Bespoke data input and reporting.

Multi parameter analysis for tire and rubber chemicals.

Actual capacities are calculated from a centralised system ensuring that methodologies remain consistent. The system utilises plant and regional level maximum production capacities allowing for variation in grade mix by year. Coupled to the grade mix is the ability to vary chemical usage by product category (eg. PC Tire, PC Eco Tire, PC Winter Tire) and also by year. A final consumption figure is obtained via the use of industry utilisation figures which are closely coupled with actual tire production figures and automotive production as well as other economic indicators.

Projections are made from the most recent full year actual capacity ensuring that the baseline figure is most appropriate (these figures are constantly monitored for accuracy). Projections make use of foward regional and country utilisation estimates (based on economic indicators and industry drivers) combined with chemical specific parameter projections (acccount for  changes to compound composition) and product mix projections (account for adjustments in product mix) for future years. Projections can be made for region, country, manufacturer, product category or product sub category.

Unique Service - How can we help with your requirements?

Specific client requests can be accomodated, this can range from a simple adjustment in reporting format through to more complex adjustments in logic to provide the necessary information.

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Not Just a Database!

RCCL has provided bespoke market and technical reports to multiple clients with varying requirements. RCCL's combination of industry experience and detailed analysis allows the compilation of in-depth reports tailored to individual client requirements. Clients have found RCCL to provide a timely and responsive service ensuring their needs are fulfilled.

RCCL can also provide a one to one client service via co-operative development of reports and reporting systems. An example of this approach is the utilisation of a combination of RCCL and client based parameters ensuring that the most appropriate model is used for current volumes and projections. In more detailed development, RCCL can adjust programme logic and structure as required for a bespoke client based system.

Questions for the Global Tire & Rubber Chemicals Database

Note: Rubber Chemical Consultants Ltd is referred to as RCCL

How reliable is the information in the tire and rubber chemical database?

All information is vetted by RCCL. The database system calculations and reports are cross-checked with other industry sources to ensure accuracy.

How up to date is the information in the tire and rubber chemical database?

The tire and rubber chemical database is updated on a weekly basis using a range of information sources including; journals, annual reports, RCCL contacts, industry associations and other relevant sources.

What materials are covered by the tire and rubber industry database?

The database covers fillers (carbon black, precipitated silica and tire derived carbon), silanes, antidegradants, resins, process oils, process aids and bonding agents. Additional chemicals can be analysed by request.

What consumers are covered by the tire and rubber industry database?

The database covers all major consumers e.g. Tire (Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Cheng Shin, Triangle...), Rubber Goods (Contitech, Trelleborg, Hexpol, CooperStandard, Hutchinson...),

What manufacturers are covered by the tire and rubber industry database?

The database covers carbon black producers (Cabot, Aditya Birla, Orion Engineered Carbons, Black Cat, China Synthetic Rubber Corporation, Sid Richardson, Phillips, Tokai Carbon, Omsktechuglrod, Huadong Rubber...), precipitated silica producers (Evonik, Rhodia, Huber, PPG, OSC, Wuxi Quechen Silicon, Fujian Zhengsheng Inorganic Material, Madhu...), antidegradants (Sinochem, Eastman, Lanxess...), Silanes (Evonik, Dow, Power Chemical, Momentive...) bonding agents (Sheperd, OM Group, Dalian Chemicals, Umicore...), Process Oils (Apar Industries, HollyFrontier, HR Group, IRPC, Nynas, Panama Petrochem, Shell, Thaioil...), Resins (Arakawa, Atul, Kolon, Eastman, Kraton Arizona Chemical, Mangalam, Occidental, Sumitomo...) and many more.

Which market segments are covered by the database?

The tire & rubber chemical database covers the tire, technical goods and general rubber goods sectors for all rubber chemicals. The database also covers the plastics, inks, coatings and specialist sectors for carbon black - other chemicals can be included upon request.

Which tire sub-segments are covered by the database?

The tire & rubber chemical database tire sector covers the following segments: passenger car tires, light truck tires, truck tires, motorcycle tires, scooter tires, bicycle tires, off road tires (otr tires), industrial tires, agricultural tires, racing tires, giant otr tires, curing bladders, truck retread, passenger car retread, aircraft tire retread, otr retread, tire flaps, inner tubes, curing envelopes, repair materials, kart tires, other specialist tires.

Which rubber goods sub-segments are covered by the database?

The tire & rubber chemical database rubber goods sector covers the following segments: Automotive: anti-vibration, seals, weatherstrip, profiles, moulded goods, belt, hoses, thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastic vulcanisates; Industrial: anti-vibration, drive belts, conveyor belts, hoses, calendared goods, extruded goods, seals, moulded goods; Construction: anti-vibration, membraines, roofing, seals, moulded goods; Custom Compounding: tire, rubber goods, specialist, industrial + many more categories.

Which geographies are covered by the database?

The tire & rubber chemical database is split into ten regions: Africa, China, CIS, Europe, India, Middle East, North America, North Asia, South America, South Asia.

Which countries are covered by the database?

The tire & rubber chemical database covers all countries with a significant production or consumption of rubber chemicals.

Which states/provinces are covered by the database?

States/provinces are covered for North America, China, India and Brazil.

What relevant programming experience does RCCL have in order to maintain and run the tire and rubber chemical database?

RCCL has been programming with Microsoft.Net since 2001 and has implemented a number of data centric applications for individual users as well as large organisations. RCCL is currently working with Visual Studio 2013 and SQL Studio 2012.

What qualifications does RCCL have for development of data based software systems?

RCCL is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider.

What database and software experience does RCCL have for implementing the tire and rubber chemical database?

RCCL has a unique combination of technical, marketing and software skills. RCCL has designed and developed several data centric applications some of which are in use at major rubber chemical companies. The tire and rubber chemical database has been developed from the 'ground up' to ensure a robust system. This system is continuously improved and developed by RCCL.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions about any RCCL services please contact us using the contact page.

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