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Tire Pyrolysis Industry 2014 - Carbon Focus

Key Features:

Industry Changes: 2013 versus 2012

Technologies: Types of Process

Key Players: Overview, Capacity, Regional Maps

Tire Derived Carbon: Production Considerations

Carbon Black: Market and Selling Price

Tire Derived Carbon: Market Valuation

Competing Technologies: Current and Future Developments


List Price: £2000
Published: February 2014
Edition: 2nd Edition
80 Pages, 14 Tables, 13 Figures

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Target Audience:

The report is suitable for tire pyrolysis industry professionals, carbon black producers, pyrolysis industry investors, pyrolysis industry start-ups, tire manufacturers, tire recyclers, rubber goods manufacturers. The report provides tire pyrolysis business intelligence with a view on emerging technologies and future prospects.

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Detailed Description

Tire pyrolysis industry analysis and business intelligence providing essential reading for participants and potential entrants into the field of tire pyrolysis. The report covers significant industry changes (2012 vs 2013) with a review of the current industry landscape and future prospects. The reader is introduced to tire pyrolysis and the critical components of a successful operation. This is followed by a detailed review of the global tire pyrolysis industry landscape and industry trends including tire derived carbon production volumes and regional maps showing the location of operations. There is a particular focus on tire derived carbon with a complete review of historical developments, current product offerings and future market prospects; this is accompanied by a review of carbon black markets and selling prices with considerations for estimating tire derived carbon market value. The report finishes with a review of competing tire disposal and tire recycling technologies and the short, medium and long term prospects for tire pyrolysis. Published by Mike Rowlinson Technology Ltd.

Additional Content Information

Call today: +44 (0)121 3848657 or alternatively Email us.

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